Rich Beem and Cameron Doan Driver Swing Sequences

This comparison shows Rich Beem and Cameron Doan, Rich's swing coach.  Please be patient while the sequence pictures download. The Display in Browser command works much more quickly when run from cSwing on your own computer.

This sequence was created with two columns at the lowest picture quality setting in consideration of people with slow Internet connections. You can customize the settings, including picture quality, and create different layouts. You can print sequences in either portrait or landscape orientation.

If you change the size of your web browser window, the pictures are automatically resized to fit the new window size.

Image file sequencerich1.jpg Image file sequencecameron1.jpg Image file sequencerich2.jpg Image file sequencecameron2.jpg Image file sequencerich3.jpg Image file sequencecameron3.jpg Image file sequencerich4.jpg Image file sequencecameron4.jpg Image file sequencerich5.jpg Image file sequencecameron5.jpg Image file sequencerich6.jpg Image file sequencecameron6.jpg Image file sequencerich7.jpg Image file sequencecameron7.jpg Image file sequencerich8.jpg Image file sequencecameron8.jpg Image file sequencerich9.jpg Image file sequencecameron9.jpg

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