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Use the links below to learn about some of cSwing's features and capabilities:

Pictures - click on any of the pictures to make it larger

1.  This picture shows that you can get a clear picture of the club at impact using a DV camcorder.



2.  Using the drawing tools you can see how much the head and body move on the takeaway.  Murray's head hasn't moved much from address.  This is the top of his backswing with a 9-iron.



3.  You can compare two or more golfers at one time.  cSwing allows you to configure the swing windows in many different ways to suit your needs.  You can scroll the swings in all the open windows at once by rolling the mouse wheel.  This image illustrates the difference at top of the backswing between J.P. and Murray.


4.  The full screen mode allows you to concentrate on the swing while providing access to the most commonly used tools.  This picture shows the position at impact for 2002 PGA Champion Rich Beem who, at 5' 8", is able to drive the ball 300+ yards.



5.  View, Email and Print customized swing pictures and swing sequences.  A common tool is used for all three functions.  You can choose the frames, layout and quality of the pictures.  Here is a side-by-side comparison of Rich's driver swing with his swing coach's.  Click on the picture below to see the full 2 x 9 sequence.  With cSwing, you are not limited to 4 or 8 images like you are in other programs.



6.  No more searching for swings on the disk or using unintelligible numbered files.  The swings are organized by golfer name.  Each column can be sorted to give you quick access to the swing you need (for example, by Club in the picture below).  A preview of the selected swing is shown in the lower left corner.


7.  cSwing makes capturing video from tape easy.  Or you can capture live with Instant Replay using the Hit Detector.  The picture below shows the three simple steps to start capturing from tape.  The DV camcorder is controlled directly from the computer with a preview window shown on the computer.

Key Features

What makes cSwing different than the competition?

Product Background by Phil Webster, Founder of cSwing

After taking a few video lessons and seeing their effectiveness, I looked for an affordable video analysis product.  I tried several but didn't find one that was affordable and full-featured.  So I built cSwing, which is now helping people in more than seventy countries improve.  My experience is that video analysis, along with a good teacher, provides the fastest path to getting better.  With cSwing, I improved from an 18 handicap with a weak slice to a 7 with a draw in two years.

We worked with PGA golf professionals, tour players and amateur golfers to design a product that is easy to use.  Swings are organized automatically by golfer name.  The favorites folders give you fast access to the swings you use the most.  The mouse wheel steps through the swing frame by frame.  Advanced commands are available quickly through the toolbars, the keyboard and the mouse.

Why are we selling professional products for so much less than the competition?  We want to make effective game improvement available to avid amateurs, high school and college coaches and players, and PGA Professionals at a reasonable price.  We think there is a great market for our affordable, full-featured and easy-to-use product.  Our success and customer response have been overwhelming.

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