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Try cSwing for 15 days for FREE to see how it can help you improve your game.  The trial is full-featured.  It includes the optional multiple camera Advanced Capture feature.  The single camera and multiple camera versions are identical except that the Advanced Capture feature is not available if you purchase the single camera version.  Advanced Capture is only required if you plan to use two or more cameras simultaneously.

To start your free trial, follow these three steps:

  1. Click the following link to start the download:  cSwing 2013 (3.6 MB)   [ digitally signed for your security ]
  2. Choose Open (or Run) on the Window that pops up and when for the installer to finish downloading.*
  3. From there, follow the instructions on your screen to install and use the program.

*Some browsers, such as Firefox, may not offer the Open or Run option.  In this case, choose the Save option and save to a folder such as your Downloads (the installer may be automatically saved here in Firefox 3.x), Desktop or Documents.  Then open this folder from the Windows Start button and double-click on the cSwingInstaller.exe file in that folder.

Four sample golf swings are provided in the trial so that you can begin experimenting with cSwing's viewing, analysis and comparison tools right away.  cSwing includes a fully-illustrated, comprehensive help file.  It is too large to include in the regular installer.  The first time you access the help file, it will be downloaded from the Internet.  The topics in the Table of Contents are arranged to provide a detailed and fully illustrated tutorial that will show you everything you need to know.  Included are instructions for capturing your own swings, viewing, analyzing and comparing swings, even viewing yourself live on your PC or laptop screen as you practice, indoors or on the range.

At any point during the trial, or after it expires, you can purchase a full copy of cSwing.  To do this, simply go to our Purchase page and order the single camera or multiple camera version that matches your needs.  We will send instructions on how to activate your software upon receipt of your order.  Even if you order the DVD version, you can activate the software and continue to use it while waiting for your shipment.