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The DVD version of cSwing includes two instructional modules.  They are lesson based and focus on the short game and full swing.  There are swing videos included with both so that you can compare your swing to the models.

  1. The Short Game by Mike Wilson Mike Wilsonwhose students have included Mike Weir, Paul Stankowski, J.P. Hayes and Jill McGill.  Features include:
    • It covers chipping, pitching, bunker play, the flop shot and putting.
    • It contains over 45 minutes of high quality instructional material by Mike.
    • There are tips from J.P. Hayes on putting, from Paul Stankowski on two types of flop shots and from Mike Weir on chipping.
    • The accompanying help file is fully-illustrated for both left-handed and right-handed players.
    • Video segments can easily be flipped to either orientation using cSwing.
    • Drills and sample shots are provided as individual video files from various camera angles.
    • You can record your own swing with a camcorder and use the cSwing software to import the video. Then you can use the model swings for comparison and accelerate your improvement of your short game.
  2. The Full Swing by Cameron Doan Cameron Doan picturewho is Rich Beem's swing coach.  Features include:
    • A two minute interview with Cameron gives you insight into his golfing and teaching career.
    • Nine short instructional videos address setup, grip, club plane and drills for common faults.
    • It is designed for use with cSwing giving you access to frame by frame control and analysis tools.
    • You can make sure you are performing the drills correctly by filming your swing then comparing it with
      the reference drills using cSwing's side-by-side feature.
    • It includes full swings of Cameron and Rich Beem from different angles that can be used to compare with your own swing.
    • It comes with illustrated Help with instructions for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.