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Important announcement:

Development on cSwing has stopped. We continue to issue License Keys. Single and multiple camera download versions of cSwing 2013 are still available for purchase, but some video formats are not compatible with cSwing 2013 and some features, such as screen capture, will not work on computers running Windows 10. Please use the free trial before purchasing. No refunds will be issued after a License Key is sent. Support is limited to the information available on our website.

Customer Support


Support Policy

cSwing includes a comprehensive fully illustrated help file.   There are several ways to access the help:

If you purchased our products from an OEM or distributor, please contact them for support and upgrades.


The following two sections are from the Help file and answer questions about some of the problems that customers have encountered.

Video Capture (Capturing From Tape, Direct Capturing, Viewing Live Video):

  1. cSwing can't find the camcorder for capturing or live video.

    Make sure the FireWire cable is plugged into the camcorder and the computer. Turn the camcorder off, wait five seconds and turn it back on. Then try capturing again. If this doesn't work, try exiting cSwing and restarting it. As a last resort, shutdown the PC and turn off the camcorder, then turn the PC and camcorder back on. If the problem isn't resolved, make sure you have the latest fixes and service packs from Microsoft. You can download the latest fixes from Microsoft Windows Update.

  2. The club is blurry at impact.

    Set the shutter speed as high as possible for the available light. The recommended speed is 1/2000 of a second or higher. If your camcorder doesn't allow you to change the shutter speed manually, set it to Sports Mode. See your camcorder manual for more information.

  3. The video is too dark.

    Try to have the sun behind the camera when taping or direct capturing. If this is not possible, lower the shutter speed (1/1000 of a second). The lower the shutter speed, though, the blurrier the swing becomes.

  4. The video is hard to see in the viewfinder.

    Purchase a camcorder hood, such as those offered by Hoodman USA.

  5. The Hit Detector doesn't work or works intermittently.

    Make sure the microphone is plugged into the correct port on the computer (usually it has a picture of a microphone and, often, a red label). Make sure the microphone is turned on, if it has an on/off switch. Make sure it is close enough to the impact location (about 6" is usually perfect). Use the Tools -> Setup Hit Detector to tune your microphone (usually, you only need to do this once). If this doesn't work, make sure that your sound card is working properly by using the Microsoft Sound Recorder program. It is usually found under Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder. If the Sound Recorder successfully records from the microphone and plays the recording back, return to the Setup Hit Detector dialog in cSwing and try tuning the microphone again.

  6. The picture looks distorted at the top of the backswing.

    If possible, when recording, try moving the camera farther away from the golfer and zooming in. This will produce a better image with less lens distortion.

  7. The camera automatically shuts off after a few minutes in Direct Capture mode.

    Try removing the tape. On most camcorders this will disable the automatic shut off feature.

Video Playback (Viewing, Analyzing and Comparing Swings):

  1. When stepping through the Swing Frame by Frame, it takes two steps to move the video forward one frame.

    This usually means that the Swing was captured using Progressive Scan but Progressive Scan is unchecked in Swing Properties. Open the Swing Properties dialog box by right-clicking on the Swing Window and choosing Properties. Check Progressive Scan and close the dialog box by choosing a rating for the Swing.  Also, check that the frames per second in the Swing Properties is correct.  In North America, most camcorders use 29.97 fps, in Europe and Asia 25 fps is more common.

  2. When stepping through the Swing Frame by Frame, there are two images of the club visible on one Frame when the club is moving quickly.

    This usually means that Progressive Scan is checked in Swing Properties but the Swing was not captured using Progressive Scan. Open the Swing Properties dialog box by right-clicking on the Swing Window and choosing Properties. Uncheck Progressive Scan and close the dialog box by choosing a rating for the Swing.

  3. When stepping through the Swing Frame by Frame, the Swing moves alternately one step forward, then one step back.

    Open the Swing Properties dialog by right-clicking on the swing window and choosing Properties. Change the setting of the Odd Field First checkbox and close the dialog box by choosing a rating for the Swing. If all your Swings exhibit this problem, press the Set As Default button in the Swing Properties dialog box before closing it.

  4. Video playback is choppy.

    We don't recommend playing Swings directly from CD or over a network because DirectX doesn't cache the video well. In other cases, it is usually a question of the power of the computer, the video card and the amount of RAM available. First, make sure no other programs are running. Next, check your Display Settings in the Windows Control Panel. We have seen improvements on some graphics cards when the screen depth is changed to 16-bit (65 thousand colors) or 24-bit (16 million colors). Also, try setting your resolution to 1024x768 or 1280x1024 (even newer graphics cards have problems displaying 30 frames per second at very high resolutions). If this doesn't help, consider adding more RAM to your computer if it doesn't have at least 1 GB. As a last resort, consider upgrading to a faster computer. Video playback will be choppier on slower computers and at high resolutions when there is a Drawing on top of the Swing.


For the first year after your purchase date, updates are available free by download.  After that, you can purchase upgrades at approximately half the cost of the current list price for the software.

You can pay securely by credit card or with PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account and do not want one, please read these instructions before pressing the Buy Now button that you are going to use below:


There are four upgrades available:

1. Single Camera Upgrade - Download $95
2. Single Camera Upgrade - DVD $110
No longer available.
3. Multiple Camera Upgrade - Download $145
4. Multiple Camera Upgrade - DVD $160
No longer available.