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Yahoo Five Star Rating cSwing earned Yahoo's top store rating of five stars for sales and service by Yahoo Shopping for six years. The rating is compiled from customers' ratings and comments. In 2008, we switched to our own online store. We will continue to strive for excellence.

Customer Testimonials:

"cSwing is simply the best value and the most user friendly swing software I have ever seen. I have been using motion analysis software for over 6 years and have seen many companies come and go with many different approaches. cSwing has it all and more. As a coach of players with abilities varying from beginner to touring professional, I can't pay the speed and ease of use it offers a high enough compliment. When you combine all this with the great one on one help from cSwing support, cSwing is the ONLY software both professionals and amateurs should consider buying."
André White, AAA Class PGA Professional, Palmerston North GC, New Zealand
"I have been using cSwing for six months now and, having had access to most of the other teaching products on the market, I must say cSwing is hands down the best. It has helped me turn one of our most talented tour players in Australia, Brad McIntosh, into a phenomenon. After using cSwing Brad shot the first 59 (12-under) in an Australasian Tour event, the Queensland Masters. He also won the Queensland Open and finished 25th and 13th in the Australian PGA and Australian Masters. Due to cSwing's ease of use, Brad is now 107 under par for the past 3 months. Thanks for producing a superior product and excellent back up service when things get sticky. The best value product on the market!"
Simon Deep, Director of Golf at International Golf Holdings in Australia, Sydney, Australia
"Video analysis is a must for all teachers and golfers who are serious about improving. Unlike other programs, cSwing is designed for golfers, not computer experts—even an old guy like me can use it."
Bill Eschenbrenner, 68, Lone Star GC, El Paso, TX, PGA Master Professional, PGA Professional of the Year 2005, mentor to Lee Trevino
"Absolutely excellent customer service, very good price for fantastic product, no shipping costs and above all I could use my electronic product by using the passwords within 12 hours, while my shipment arrived at home a few days later. GREAT!"
Jos Den Hartog, Wassenaar, Netherlands
"cSwing is the best investment I have made in enabling me to put across my way of teaching to my pupils. Fantastic programme and at the price it is best ever in comparison to other programmes available."
Christopher Douglas, Assistant Golf Professional, Royal Guernsey Golf Club, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK
"Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. I've been reviewing the Swing library and the Cameron Doan library this evening. I have to say, this is the best golf purchase I've made in a long time! What a great value! The Cameron Doan CD is a steal, and the drills are great. Before my purchase, I compared cSwing to the V1 Home Edition and the choice was clear......cSwing!! Thanks for a great product and a great price. I'll be spreading the word about your product."
Tracy Barber, Electronics Engineer, Greensboro, NC
"I have to say that as soon as I had cSwing installed on my computer and tried it—the Dartfish software had NO chance and was off it in a flash! I wish I had known earlier about cSwing—would have saved me a lot of money! I hope the dual camera upgrade comes soon—that will be fun to use! [multiple camera capture is now available] Teaching became a lot easier as the program is easier to use than Dartfish. I am a golfer, not a computer freak—easy wins! Besides that cSwing is a wonderful program—the service is really great—online registration was done in a flash and later we just needed a little tech support and it was quick and excellent. Thank you very much !"
Derek Hammett, Teaching Professional , Kiawah Golf Academy, Leeheim, Germany
"I’ve been playing golf for quite awhile and I’ve seen my swing on videotape before, but I was never really able to analyze what was preventing me from being as consistent with my full swing as I thought I should be. With just a short time with cSwing, I’ve already identified a few tweaks that need to be made. The drawing tools and overlay feature were invaluable in quickly spotting some problems that I wasn’t aware I had. In addition, the 60 frames-per-second support and easy wheel mouse frame scrolling made it simple to hone in on specific positions and compare them to the varied collection of accomplished swings in the swing library. When I had a question regarding the use of a fairly advanced feature, I found the technical support to be exceptional and quick, and I even received a response at an unexpected late hour of the day. I’m looking forward to reviewing my progress (and that of my golf buddies) using cSwing. By the way, the Cameron Doan CD was a pleasant surprise. I found his straightforward approach refreshing, and it was instructive to see the drills “live” versus seeing them in a book or magazine."
Jay Messner, 1 handicap, Brea, CA
"Thanks for the quick turnaround, I deleted my trial version of V1. You guys have a superior product."
Mike Lance, Product Manager, Fortune 500 Computer Company, Austin, TX
"I'm a big fan of your product here in the UK. I have to say that I was skeptical at first that the product your were offering would be as good as I see some of the teaching places use—I know how over-priced products like V1 are. cSwing helped me get from a 6 handicap to consistently around scratch these days."
Andy Smith, Sales Manager, Surrey, England
"I love the Cameron Doan interview and the drills—perfect drills, by the way. Cameron is an inspiring teacher—the drills for synchronizing the arms, trapping the ball are great; the grip description is the best I've ever seen or read, he does Hogan proud."
Allan Andison, Ottawa, ON
"I have used cSwing for four years and I love it. cSwing is the highest quality and most reasonably priced golf analysis software program on the market today. There are so many features to help students understand their golf swing and it's easy to use. I would recommend cSwing to anyone who wants to be a better teacher, give more lessons and improve their own game too. The support I have received from customer service has been great—they're always willing to answer any and all questions."
Cutts Benedict, PGA Golf Professional, Athens, GA
"Since I started using cSwing my performance as a teacher has risen dramatically. It allows me to see all aspects of my students' swings and make the correct changes. Because I have more accurate information, I teach with greater efficiency, less stress and, most importantly, better results for my students. cSwing has also had a tremendous impact on my own game. Phil Webster has created a program that is a teaching professional's greatest aide. Phil, thanks, cSwing has had a tremendously positive impact on me both professionally and personally. I truly feel the best day of my professional career was April 20, 2002. That was the day we met."
Bill Harvey,, PGA Professional, Arroyo Del Oso GC, Albuquerque, NM, Golf Digest's Top Teacher in New Mexico 2001, PGA Sun Country Section Teacher of the Year 2000, Assistant Player of the Year 2000, Qualified for the PGA Tour 2002 Invensys Classic at Las Vegas
"Arrived quicker than expected, excellent service and a great product."
John Lambert, Senior Contracts Advisor, Aberdeen, Scotland
"My cSwing CDs were in my mailbox well before expected! Great service."
Jim Jagoda, Senior Programmer Analyst, FedEx Services, Monument, CO
"You guys have a great product! I have used the V1 software and others. cSwing provides the most tools for the user who doesn't want to spend several thousands of dollars for a system to video their swings. I also like the library of swings that your product provides. There have not been any surprises. Your product actually does what you say it will do. Isn't that an interesting concept?"
Terry L. Clark, Attorney, Oakton, VA
"Since changing to cSwing, I’ve been able to intensify the use of video-analysis in my lessons. The program is so quick and easy to work with, even on a medium-performance laptop, that I can’t see any other option than cSwing. The fact that it’s so much value for so little cost makes it an absolute winner. Thanks also on behalf of my students."
Meindert Jan Boekel, Rijswijkse Golfclub, The Netherlands, Member PGA of Holland
"cSwing is great. It has enabled me to see, study and compare my swing with top professionals. Viewing my swing on the computer provides me with a visual thought that goes with me to course. The swing thoughts that have come from using cSwing have worked for me because I can see what others have said I was doing wrong. This program is more valuable to me and my love for golf than any of the many golf magazines I have studied religiously over the years. I dropped from a 13 handicap to a 7 eight weeks after I got cSwing. I have maintained my 7 handicap for the past two months."
Don Flores, Executive Vice President and Editor of the El Paso Times, El Paso, TX
"Swing comparison using multiple windows, lines, curves, swing path, colors, layers, easy trim... I'm quite surprised at the diversity functions at an affordable price. It is all there. It is easy to draw and comparing with pros is easy too. The Player's Notebook reminds you about your previous lessons. It helps you progress rapidly. And I'm amazed that this software keeps getting better with each release. I believe this tool is perfect for teaching pros and everyone who quests for a good swing."
Shinichi Arai, JPGA Teaching Professional, Chiba, Japan
"I have really enjoyed the latest version. My students are extremely happy with the quality and the drawing options of the software. It allows them to grasp concepts much more quickly and it is a lot of fun!"
Beth Folsom, LPGA Teaching Professional, Denver, CO
"Your software does everything I want it to. Your confidence is clear in offering a fully functional free trial. It seamlessly installed and automatically configured my video camera—I have tried others in the past, such as ComputerCoach, and this was far from the case. I am a stickler for detail but I cannot fault cSwing in any feature, process or function. Frankly when I saw the price I thought it was going to be half-assed (I don't mean to be rude). I thought it could not possibly be right! I feel strongly that V1 and A-Star are hopelessly overpriced (how can V1 justify this?—the junior version is just awful). Who likes getting ripped off? Some of the answers given to me by these companies assumed I was stupid or spending someone else's money. You have a great product at a price that is second to none!"
Finlay Menzies, PGA Professional, Perthshire, Scotland
"The people at cSwing respond quickly to all requests. The cSwing product is feature rich, works as well as their advertising suggests and is priced fairly. I would recommend cSwing to anyone wanting a golf swing analysis software package."
Carl Provost, Software Developer , Seekonk, MA
"I had a problem capturing video from my camera. cSwing answered my email in just a few hours and gave me a list of things to try. The problem was my FireWire card. The prompt and professional advice from cSwing is GREAT. I highly recommend them."
Bill Walton, Winters, CA
"Grand Blanc Golf Academy uses cSwing software in association with our Authorized Eddie Merrins Swing the Handle Seminars. The software is so superior to anything that we have previously used (ComputerCoach & others). Another great thing is the ease of use, when capturing images directly from my digital camcorder. I love the interaction with the firewire port which allows camera control from cSwing. We have upwards of 50 students in each of our seminar classes, the direct capture feature allows us to capture all of the swings on our laptop and then email the results to our students. Grand Blanc Golf Academy will use your cSwing software exclusively in the future. Not only has the software been outstanding, but the customer service on your end has been exceptional!! That is so rare these days, and is another reason Grand Blanc Golf Academy offers cSwing to our clients. The feedback from our students has been outstanding. Thanks for making Grand Blanc Golf Academy better equipped to serve our clients."
Terrence Sheehan, Director of Technical Golf Operations, Grand Blanc Golf Academy, Grand Blanc, MI
"You can load swings in a matter of seconds which means that you can effectively use video analysis in a 30 to 40 minute lesson. The student sees the problem areas and we can immediately get back to working on drills and improving the swing. cSwing automatically organizes swings by golfer and date which makes it simple to see progress, for my students and for my own swing."
Mark Pelletier, PGA Director of Golf, El Paso Country Club, Top 25 Teacher in Texas 2000 & 2001
"Just wanted to let you know how much I love using cSwing. It has helped my game immensely. I’m coaching youth hockey and I’m going to use it to help the kids understand their skating technique."
Tommy Re, Holly Springs, NC
"How many products give you lasting satisfaction? cSwing has all the functions that I want and much more. The intuitive operation and easy help make it simple to use even for people who are not familiar with English. I recommend it to all golfers in Japan who want to improve."
Takayuki Aoki, Tokyo, Japan
"cSwing is a great program. They delivered it when they said they were going to. The customer service was great. They always got back to me in less than 24 hrs, sometimes 5 minutes. I had a great experience."
Skylar Wicklander, 1 handicap, Puyallup, WA
"Students have come to expect video analysis as part of any game improvement service. cSwing is a cost-effective and efficient way to provide that service—it literally pays for itself in just a lesson or two."
Don Murphy, CPGA Assistant Golf Professional, Toronto, ON
"cSwing ist ein super Software um das eigene Golfspielen zu Verbessern. Was sonst nur Programme können die viel Geld kosten, kann cSwing genau so gut, wahrscheinlich sogar besser. Der Service des cswing Team ist absolut spitze. Ich hatte ein Problem mit der Software, Phil und Jennie haben dieses Problem schnell und mit grossen Fachwissen gelöst. Der Service und die Software ist SUPER."
Klaus Pötter, Kassel, Deutschland
"I have always received fantastic service from cSwing, this time was no exception. I always get immediate replies to my emails, goods always delivered quickly with no postage charges, and the back up support is very very helpful. Hope all at cSwing keep up the good work, an exceptional product at a very affordable price."
Steve Astle, Teaching Professional, Sandbrook Golf Academy, Kossen, Austria
"cSwing is the best learning aid I've ever used. I use it with my students in the golf course management program at UNM, at the golf course and with the women's softball team. It's an incredible way to teach biomechanics. It allows us to look at the mechanics of the human body, do an analysis on any kind of motion and understand what corrections need to be made."
Dr. Dan Houtchens, Albuquerque, NM, PhD, Exercise Science, Golf Professional
"cSwing has definitely helped me. I’m rebuilding my swing from the ground up by viewing my current swing, making the proper adjustments, and reviewing my changes for accuracy. What’s amazing is the speed of my progress. What a confidence booster!"
David Tippet, Columbia, MO, Real Estate Investment & Management
"cSwing is the best swing analysis program in the market. I have seen other programs and I have also tried ComputerCoach. I find cSwing has the right mix of functions and ease of use. I especially like the 'Notes' function which automatically brings me to Word with the student's name and date.

"When I had problem with ComputerCoach, I had to write four e-mails and left three phone messages to get one e-mail response. The whole process took more than a week. However Mr. Phil Webster responded extremely promptly when I needed help. He had responded eight times within 24 hours with me by e-mail to help me make cSwing work again due to my own fault. He showed me that he truly cared about his customer.

I think cSwing is the best swing analysis program in the market. But most importantly, the support that this company gives you when you are in trouble is truly priceless."
Harvey Chang, Richmond, BC, Class "A" CPGA Golf Professional, Host of Canada Nation-wide Chinese TV golf program, Golf article writer for Ming Pao Newspaper, Canada
"The folks at cSwing certainly value their customers by demonstrating superb support and a first class product. This is a model company."
David Nielsen, Charlotte, NC
"Working with everyone at cSwing couldn't have been a better experience. Every Golf Teaching Professional wanting to take their students to the next level must purchase cSwing. What a great company to work with."
Dave Rupp, Louisville, KY
"It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. Since purchasing your product I have taken 4 strokes off my best score ever! For people who benefit from visual learning, like myself, this program is worth its weight in gold. We all know what a good swing feels like; although sometimes (ok, most of the time) we can't find it. Now I know what the positions look like and feel like."
Jay Davis, National Account Manager, Eastman Kodak Co., Menifee, CA
"Fantastic product backed by knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful people. Strongly recommended!."
Dana Upshaw, Warner Robins, GA
"I have been using video tuition in my schools for many years. However this year I decided to incorporate a computerised video swing analysis program into our programme. I found your site through the British PGA message board and could not believe that I could download a free 7 day trial. All I have to say is I wish I had discovered cSwing several years ago. Your programme is easy to understand, comprehensive and a real joy to use. All our pupils are delighted, and with the possibility to take home a before and after photo page or CD makes the tuition that bit more professional. I must add that when I ordered the cSwing CD and Swing Library it only took 3 days to reach me here on the French Riviera."
Mark Wallace, Sainte Maxime, France, Class AA Member of the British PGA, Member of the French PGA, Member of the European PGA
"First of all, I want to tell you your product is outstanding. I have been taking video taped lessons for a year, maybe 20 of them, at $75 per. I've learned a lot from the pro, so that is all great. But, after 10 or so lessons he'd film me, show me this or that, and I could see it without him saying anything. In other words, there is only so much he can say, the rest is up to me. With your product I can see it myself, work it in my backyard, garage, or local range, and as often as I like; and its not $75/per. I am probably tripling my rate of improvement. I'm a 12 now, but for this first time (after 20 years) I'm finally dropping the club down the line. And it's mainly the help I'm getting from cSwing. "
Mark Martindill, Santa Rosa, CA
"Fast response to queries, quick delivery internationally. Excellent communications. Thus far I am completely satisfied with my purchase and have no reason to doubt that I will be for a long time. Highly recommended."
Alan Mackey, Buckinghamshire, England
"Hole-in-one for cSwing. An excellent product from a company who listens to what their customers want. Great price and service. Thank you."
Leo Wong, Calgary, AB
"Like most keen golfers I've spent a fortune on the latest golf equipment and read a thousand magazine articles on improving my swing. Unfortunately for me these 'fixes' are mostly temporary, and a few weeks later I am back to square one, somewhat poorer and pretty frustrated. Perhaps the best golfing decision I've ever made was to book a series of lessons with a qualified golf professional. With cSwing I can now see in my own time what my pro is trying to teach me. It almost feels like I'm cheating. I now let my pro do all the thinking and can see the progress on cSwing and on the golf course. I'm enjoying golf again and have a video scrapbook to remind me of my progress. Thank you for a truly brilliant product."
Paul Calder, Edinburgh, Scotland
"I don't usually write testimonials, however, with cSwing I felt I needed to. I am very impressed with the product, but more impressed with the customer service on problem resolution. The professional responsiveness and knowledge of compatibility of the product with components such as: cameras, camcorders, cardbuses, 1394 firewire cards, etc. are second to none. Furthermore, I am in the process of writing a book on the golf swing and I am using the angular features of the product for my book. It has saved me enormous amount of time, and calculations. I find the product easy to install and easy to use. Keep up the good work, and I am confident, there are many good enhancements to come out of the product."
Cornel Collins, MBA, M.Sc., CAC, Class 'A' Teaching Pro., National Golf Coach of the Bahamas, CPTA, CAC and USTR Certified Tennis Instructor, Author and Science Researcher of the Golf Swing, Director and Founder of the 4-Quadrant Golf Academy, Bahamas
"After using and trying (some of them were very trying!!) many different programmes, I bought cSwing . It's not only the best at a tenth of the price of others but one of the easiest to use that I've come across. Well done!!!"
Douglas Maclauchlan, Head Professional, Golf Hotel Hohen Wieschendorf, Germany
"cSwing provides the best software product customer support that I have ever encountered."
David Lee, former IBM Software Development Manager
"I am a professional club maker and I purchased cSwing in 2002 to use the product in conjunction with supplying my customers with custom golf clubs. cSwing is comprehensive, easy to use and most of all affordable, in addition it was a pleasure doing business with the companies staff. In addition to conducting swing analysis I find cSwing extremely useful in reviewing each of my clients swing tendencies, by reviewing the video in real time and slow motion I can see how well they load the golf shaft (or don’t), ball striking tendencies and tempo, including the exact time in 100s/sec of the takeaway and release to impact, this allows me to break down the entire swing into 2 phases which is extremely helpful in determining the golfers early, smooth or late release, all of which are factors in fitting each client with the proper golf shaft. cSwing ….thank you very much for providing a quality product at an affordable price that is of benefit to all golfers and club makers."
Ron Collins, Ace of Clubs ~ Custom Club Maker, Calgary, Alberta
"Thank you so much for the software, having tried other, more expensive products, i can honestly say, cswing is by far the best on the market and along with the excellent customer service i would highly recommend this product. Staff are really friendly and helpful, software is comprehensive and it is very easy to set up and navigate. The software flips righties to lefties for comparison which is very helpful for teaching as we have so many left hander's in Canada. Drawing library is extensive and best of all you can download the software on two computers [for personal use]!!"
Wayne Allen, PGA Professional ~ Wayne Allen Golf Academy, Newfoundland, Canada
"Placed order on a Saturday night, by Thursday only 5 days later, the product was delivered to my house in Australia via the standard mail service, no additional shipping costs. I requested the license key by email, the very next day I received a response. These guys must work 24/7 absolutely awesome service. P.S. Previously used ASTAR and this product kicks its butt in both price and performance!"
Andrei Tatarinow, Macquarie Links, NSW, Australia
The preceding quotes are unpaid, unsolicited testimonials from customers using cSwing. We do not give away software or hardware in exchange for testimonials. Our business philosophy centers on providing excellent features, value and service. We are so confident that you will like our product that, unlike our competitors, we provide a Free Trial without requiring you to register with us.

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